Sims 2 Hair Recolors

Here is where I post hair recolors for Sims 2. I use Remi's V2 textures (and sometimes the wavy textures these days), but I started out using Remi's V3 textures, which is why there will be some older downloads with those textures (but no previews because I'm lazy). As for the colors, I use a selection of Pooklet's colors, which can be found in the Swatch section.

Female Hair

Newsea Sakura Drops Lidiqnata Gibson Girl Helga 87 S-Club Swan Nightcrawler Julia Wings TO0607 Female
Helga 85 8K Sims FH006 Magical Girl Sandbox Full Moon Magical Girl Sandbox Cosmos Newsea Holic Female Newsea Holic Duotone Female
S-Club Chignon Wings OE0912 Female Wings OE0912 Duotone Female LeahLilith Mallen Wings TZ02120 Scene Too Much Female
Newsea Love Affair Nightcrawler Mocha Cazy Lazor Simple Victorian Hair Anto Remus Female Newsea Voyage
Simtric Sumnor May Lidiqnata Victorian White Rose Hat Newsea Coco Cazy Artificial Raider Bihawk Female Newsea Mitsuki
Ginko G90 Female Simpliciaty Reign Goze Shimada Lidiqnata Victorian Top Hat Hair Stealthic Love Sick Newsea Agnes
Magical Girl Sandbox Wicked Moon Kijiko Ocicat Female Magical Girl Sandbox Chibi Moon Short Curly Female Fanseelamb Willa Rosesims Free 83
NixNivis Vulcan Hair Female Magical Girl Sandbox Mercury Nightcrawler Summerheat Rosesims 83 SheaButtyr Bren Bantu Beta Flip
Magical Girl Sandbox Parallel Moon Magical Girl Sandbox Chibi Chibi

Male Hair

Wings OS0509 Russian Hat Male Wings OS0826 8K Sims MH009 Wings ER0607 Cazy c93
Newsea Chain Reaction Wings TO0607 Male Newsea Holic Male Newsea Holic Duotone Male Sunair T045 8K Sims MH001
Wings OE0912 Duotone Male Janna Hollywood Executive Anto Remus Male MYOS M25 Raider Bihawk Male Scene Too Much Male
Short Combed Ginko G90 Male Wings TO1205 Sizz 006 HaNui Noble Unique Short Curly Male
Fanseelamb Derek EA Curew Cut Fanseelamb Crew Cut Straight Fanseelamb Crew Cut Widows Peak Kijiko Ocicat Male 3t2 Fairy Braid
NixNivis Vulcan Hair Male Wings TZ1226 Magical Girl Sandbox Tuxedo Mask

Facial Hair

Handlebar Mustache


Genetic Information & Binning

As mentioned before, I use a selection of Pooklet's colors, using (mostly) Family 2 for the Maxis-binned colors (the exceptions are Dynamite as I didn't want the blue-black Flash Powder, and Mail Bomb for gray). Everything else, including Primer and Safety Fuse, are in the custom bin. Additionally, every custom binned color is genetic, which means if you give a sim the color, their children should inherit it (provided you have a toddler hair that uses the color). Unlike default Bodyshop custom hairs, these aren't super-dominant to the Maxis colors. Instead, they have their own genetic values, which are in the table below with the Maxis colors for reference:

1 (Dominant) Dynamite*, Depth Charge*, TNT, Hazardous, Fulminant, Selenium, Tetryl, Detonator, Combustible, Glyphosate
1.5 (Semi-Dominant) Safety Fuse, Flammable, Cannonball, Noxious, Shockwave, Pentolite, Toulene, Hexane, HMX
2 (Recessive) Incendiary*, Explosive*, Time Bomb, Firework, Napalm, Semtex, Nitroglycerin, Powder Cake, Fluorophore, Afterburner, Hydrazine
2.5 (Super Recessive) Mail Bomb, Primer

*: binned as a Maxis color

I did this because I was tired of custom hairs overpowering every other one, and figured darker hairs would be more dominant than recessives. I've tested this in-game, and it does work, but if I somehow screwed up a hair then that's my fault.


The way this swatch is arranged as is follows: I grouped the unnaturals into "families", where one would be dominant, one would be semi-dominant, and another would be recessive, and they would all share a gray color. This was accomplished by including the elder lifestage for every single hair, but most of them are hidden in CAS so the elder bin doesn't get cluttered with a bunch of duplicates. On the swatch below, every row after the first two rows is a family grouping, with the dominant, semi-dominant, recessive, and gray colors in that order. Several families share the same gray, this was intentional.

Hair color swatch

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