Badly Named Cars

This is a list of cars I think are badly named.

The Cars

Buick Lucerne

Lucerne sounds like a dairy-free diet shake. Why you would want to name a car this is beyond me.

Toyota C-HR

This just sounds too similar to a Honda CR-V or a Honda CR-Z.

Range Rover Evoque

Evoque sounds super pretentious, but in the end, it's just another ugly, overpriced Land Rover.

Toyota Rav4

If you offer a car with front-wheel drive, don't add a 4 to the end. Just call it the Rav or something. At least all of the 4Runners have some 4/all wheel drive.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai is a Korean company and Santa Fe is an American city. That's like Toyota making a car named 'Glasgow' or Chevrolet making a car named 'Nairobi'.

Nissan Kicks

Kicks what? Don't name a car something that can be interpreted as a verb. At least it isn't as ugly as its kinda-predecessor the Juke (though the Juke was a proper name...)

Ford Taurus (at least the newer ones)

Don't call it a Taurus if you're not going to sell a wagon model.

Chrysler LeBaron

Is Chrysler trying to be French? Go back to America, you're drunk. (Well, Italy now, but this wasn't something Fiat put out.)

Anything by Mercedes

I can't name a single Mercedes model, which shows that they're badly named. And they aren't as impressive as a Ferrarri or Maserati, so it's not enough to just say "I have a Mercedes". Cool, so do a bunch of taxi drivers in Germany.

Honorable Mentions

The suffix -sl -xl -sle -xle etc.

What the hell does this even mean? The only things worth bragging about are your engine size or number of cylinders, not your trim level (if that even means the trim level). (Edit: I was informed by the owner of a Toyota Solara XLE V6 that it does mean trim level. Still dumb.)

Boeing 737 MAX

Max what? Max 8 passengers? Max fatalities?

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