Getting a TNT2 to Display 1080p in Windows 9x

This can probably work with other resolutions in between, and I don't know the maximum limit on this, I just needed 1920x1080 for my current situation. I had ran out of computers I could feasibly hook into my CRT without having to swap cables, and my other free monitor with VGA happened to be a 1080p LCD. (Actually, I think that's a lie, when I first did this I only had the 1080p LCD available. The limits of dorm life...)

I'm not a graphics card expert, but this thing reports as a Nvidia TNT2 M64 with 32 MB video memory. Perhaps later I'll go in and dig out the details on it, so just be warned if this doesn't work on your card it's probably that I got something wrong. Luckily, it is fairly easy to undo.


The Steps

  1. Open up the Windows Registry (Run -> regedit). After it opens, go to the Edit menu and click Find. Then type in '1024,768' without the quotes and search.
  2. This probably won't find what you're looking for, so just hit F3 until you find this: a key in the registry titled 16 with subkeys 640,480 through 1920,1200. 1920,1080 is not present.
  3. Next you right-click 16 and go to New -> Key, and for the name of the key type '1920,1080' without the quotes. Don't add any values to the key, just leave it. It should look like this once you're done: a key in the registry titled 16 with subkeys 640,480 through 1920,1200. 1920,1080 is present.
  4. This only does it for 16-bit color mode, if you want to do it for others then add that key to the corresponding keys. I had to do 32 when I was trying to see if a game would run full-screen (though it doesn't perform well so I wouldn't recommend it).
  5. Then exit the registry and restart your computer to apply the changes. When your computer turns on, make sure it's connected to a 1080p monitor.
  6. Right-click the desktop and go to Properties like you normally do, and go to the Settings tab. When you move the resolution slider, 1920x1080 should be an option.
  7. Click apply and you're done: windows 98 with a TNT2 running at 1920 by 1080 resolution
  8. Enjoy... at least if your computer can keep up with it.

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